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Intermediate Level 2



StudentsĀ  working on level 4 reached the Intermediate level of Bellydance, where they are being prepared for admission to teacher or professional level. Ā At this level, students are able to increase their technical abilities whilst working on advanced skills in preparation to become a skilled performer, as they work on the understanding of the music and the dance to enhance their emotional ability and their own creativity.Ā  Students will study history, culture, and choreography.

Level 4 Covers:

  • Proficiency for students in warm-up positions and exercises and the ability to lead these exercises in the classroom environment.
  • The ability for students to become aware of and the preparation for advanced identification of muscle contractions involved for the execution of complex movements.
  • Maintain continued focus on building precision, control, stamina and correctness of movement.
  • The ability to dance all movements with multiple layers at all rhythm speeds with addition of vibration, foot work, arm movements and/or props and instruments.
  • The ability to choreograph and document such choreography in Dance Orientale terminology.
  • Master all zill patterns in line with the certification syllabus. Play right or left hand dominant and play right side only or left side only.
  • The ability to describe and explain zill patterns
  • Complete a project on genres of Middle Eastern music.

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