My Legacy

My legacy is to help women in my community journey with me the road of one of the most beautiful art forms in history… to find themselves where they are at any given time, feel confident, strong and secure, that finally leads to fulfillment peace & joy. On this journey bonds are forged, friendships created and each of these women can start their own legacy. Together we through our memberships to Global Dance feed the mentoring program of SEEDs in order that Liezel can do her work and develop the next generation of dancers.

Having started my dream in dance so many years ago, my life has come full circle in that my dream has manifested itself…not in myself, but in the generation after me.

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Nubian Heritage In Egypt

  I share this article I read and found very informative in February with  you – curtesy of Al Monitor and the journalist Aya Nader, an independent journalist based in Egypt, Curtesy of Al-Monitor and Aya Nader an independent journalist based in Egypt, I share this informative article with you. As dancers we dance the …

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Karim Nagi Back in Atlanta

Experience the mastery of Karim Nagi’s unparalleled teaching skills and proficiency in both music and dance and obtain a new physical understanding of the connection between these two disciplines at the highest level. His classes and performances boast a dynamic concoction of live drumming and dance done in unison. This special weekend for the deserning …

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