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Intermediate Level 1



Level 3 students learn to develop increased speed, increased precision and stamina in their dance, while layering multiple movements with various timings, downbeats, foot patterns, arm positions and finger cymbal patterns. Students also are introduced and learn the emotional preparation in their movement and preparation for performance.

Level 3 Covers:

  • Increasing warm up and drill exercises with intensity building without compromising quality and safety of dance.
  • Vibration exercises, both standing and on the floor
  • Layering full-time and double-time contractions with more complex upper body isolations both standing and on the floor.
  • Layering multiple movements with various foot patterns, arm positions and finger cymbals with multiple time beats and accent beats. These are done in different positions and with traveling movements.
  • Drilling all movements in double-time with all foot, arm and cymbal patterns.
  • Muscle sharing for isolations.
  • Pelvic formations with layering.
  • Complex finger cymbal patterns right and left hand dominant.
  • More intense combinations, including layering and emotional perspectives.
  • This level student is able to auditions for Zaia’s performance groups.

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