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Beginner Orientation

Technique Level 1

In Level 1 students learn the basic skills necessary to develop the physical strength, muscle awareness, and mind-body connection required for Bellydance. Students learn the unique muscle isolations and coordination specific to Zaia’s format and style.

In Level 1 students also learn the basic elements of rhythmic timing and the use of quarter- time and half-time beats with the basic Bellydance movements.

Level 1 Covers:

  • Warm up and drill exercises to strengthen specific muscle development required to belly dance safely and correctly.
  • Basic muscle isolation required for basic hip work.
  • The breakdown of the standard posture, feet positions and basic arms used throughout all the levels taught by Zaia.
  • The identification of muscle contractions needed for movement execution and isolation of muscle groups.
  • The breakdown of timing used uniquely within the certification program and Zaia’s style of dance.
  • Basic use of Zills with drills.
  • Basic use of the veil as a prop.
  • A fun, light-hearted combination at the end of class.


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