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Beginner Level 2


Level 2 trains students in the fundamentals of Zaia’s style and format. With continued muscle development and body awareness students learn with increasing the precision, efficiency and fluidity of their movements. Bellydance layering concepts are introduced in the warm-up, and foot patterns are taught. Students are introduced to layer dance movement for all belly dance movements. These include Full-time, half-time and quarter-time beat movements during drills. Double-time single movements and ¾s are also introduced during the drilling section of class, as well as additional music theory and cymbals.

Level 2 Covers:

  • Warm up and drill exercises with an increase in intensity to increase specific physical strength and muscle development required to belly dance safely and correctly.
  • Increased development muscle isolation and contractions both standing and on the floor.
  • Layering of lower abdomen contractions with upper body isolations both standing and on the floor.
  • Increased movement and foot patterns (layering of feet with belly dance moves).
  • Increased finger cymbal patterns (added in drills).
  • A fun combination including multiple concepts.

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