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The apprenticeship has two components that a student must complete individually or combined.

  1. The Performance Route
  2. The Teaching Route
  3. Final Project

The Performance Route

  • Commit to a minimum of 4 week-long sessions with Zaia at the studio for in depth choreography classes, Dance Movement Classes, Belly Fit Classes.
  • Complete a performance assignment assigned by Zaia to be completed and performed within a timeframe set by Zaia. This will include:
    • Compile a 30 minute program with a theme assigned by Zaia for performance.
    • Choreograph the numbers to fill the required timeframe.
    • Design and complete the individual costuming required for the performance and put these costumes together.
    • Prepare and present the program with introduction of dances and the description of the individual dances to be performed.
    • Arrange the venue and back stage arrangements for such a performance.
    • Arrange the sale of tickets and the preparation of programs.
    • Select and train the dancers from Level 1, 2, and 3 to participate.
    • Prepare and choreograph a solo dance for self.
    • Present the showcase at an agreed date and time in the studio.

The Teaching Route

  • Demonstrate the ability to teach technique and choreography to all student levels.
  • Commit to teach all technique classes (L1, 2, 3, Dance Movement and Belly Fit) at Zaia’s  studio for 12 months on days and times agreed with Zaia (does not need to be consecutive). Depending on individual ability and experience, more Apprenticeship hours and exercises may be required. In some cases, the requirement may be extensive.
  • Maintain a Teaching Log with relevant notes for the 12 month period (for monthly checking and review by Zaia) and; for future use as a teacher development manual in the student’s own teacher reference manual.
  • Prepare class curriculum plans and create level specific choreography as assigned for each level that you teach.
  • Be prepared to discuss teacher ethics and responsibilities from articles, books, and training modules as provided Zaia.

Final Project

(May not overlap with any other project assigned by Zaia)

  • Develop a personal teacher enrichment plan for yourself to promote your own growth in dance as a student, performer, teacher, choreographer and/or manager.
  • Prepare a report on the details and monetary requirements of opening and operating a studio in your area.
  • Discuss and complete an assignment on the operation of a dance school, and a dance company/troupe.

Depending on the individual ability and experience of students Zaia may require a longer apprenticeship period and in some instances this may be extensive.

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