Adult Dance Program

Adult Dance Program

All students, whether they are beginners or advanced dancers, begin with Level 1. If you are an experienced dancer, Zaia needs to establish your level within her style and technique.  This also gives the dancer an opportunity to become familiar with Zaia’s terminology and style of teaching.

Zaia is a Certified Teacher – Associate Level

South African Dance Teachers Association
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The apprenticeship has two components that a student must complete individually or combined. The Performance Route The Teaching Route Final Project The Performance Route Commit to a minimum of 4 week-long sessions with Zaia at the studio for in depth choreography classes, Dance Movement Classes, Belly Fit Classes. Complete a performance assignment assigned by Zaia …

Beginner Level 2

CERTIFICATION TECHNIQUE LEVEL 2 Level 2 trains students in the fundamentals of Zaia’s style and format. With continued muscle development and body awareness students learn with increasing the precision, efficiency and fluidity of their movements. Bellydance layering concepts are introduced in the warm-up, and foot patterns are taught. Students are introduced to layer dance movement …

Beginner Orientation

Certification Technique Level 1 In Level 1 students learn the basic skills necessary to develop the physical strength, muscle awareness, and mind-body connection required for Bellydance. Students learn the unique muscle isolations and coordination specific to Zaia’s format and style. In Level 1 students also learn the basic elements of rhythmic timing and the use …

Certification Program

Information coming soon.

Folkloric Education Program

Zaia teaches folkloric dancing from all over the world. Some of the most popular programs have been the Middle East, Africa, Greece, Turkey and the Balkan countries. The dancing taught includes history, culture, traditions and cuisine. Zaia uses the medium of printed matter, video, music, discussion and role-play combined with the associated props and musical …

Intermediate Level 1

CERTIFICATION TECHNIQUE  LEVEL 3 Level 3 students learn to develop increased speed, increased precision and stamina in their dance, while layering multiple movements with various timings, downbeats, foot patterns, arm positions and finger cymbal patterns. Students also are introduced and learn the emotional preparation in their movement and preparation for performance. Level 3 Covers: Increasing …

Intermediate Level 2

CERTIFICATION TECHNIQUE LEVEL 4 Students  working on level 4 reached the Intermediate level of Bellydance, where they are being prepared for admission to teacher or professional level.  At this level, students are able to increase their technical abilities whilst working on advanced skills in preparation to become a skilled performer, as they work on the …


Information coming soon,